The goal of « Rockaganza! » is to propose a meeting point in the center of Quebec in order to reunite fans of the presented music styles by making it accessible to everyone while proving that a festival this size can generate major economic benefits for a region.

About The Organisation

« One Up Productions » is a non-profit organization with the goal of promoting culture and arts in the province of Quebec by offering professional events that highlight local, regional, national and international talents.

Our Values

It's important for the organization to prove that it's possible to promote eco-friendly events that stands out by applying concrete mesures such as recycling, making the usage of re-usable containers and by doing only partnership with environmentally conscious suppliers selected as locally as possible.

The organization also wants to prove to the public that there are several emerging groups in Quebec that deserve a place in the music scene. That's why the secondary stage will be entirely dedicated to emerging artists.

The organization is based in Montreal to ensure direct contact with groups and is supported by a local committee in Drummondville collaborating in the organization of the festival.

The partners and sponsors we want to associate our events with are carefully selected according to strict criterias and they must be eco-friendly, local, emerging while standing out positively from the competition.